Crazy Ingrate Mohammedan Thanks, then Blames Ezra Levant for Islamist Tendency to Lunatic Violence

Letter to the editor National Post.
By Syed Rahman
Published: Friday, August 08, 2008

Thank you, Ezra,

We are very fortunate to be living in a society that values freedom of speech. But thank God there are also laws that protect people and religions from being vilified by individuals or groups of people who let their actions be governed by the twisted state of their minds. To publish very distorted cartoons of Muhammad in the name of freedom of expression serves no other purpose than to hurt the feelings of Muslims and to incite them to retaliate.

Mr. Levant should be thankful that the complaint launched against him was dismissed. Rather than mending his ways by contributing to Canadian society, he now rants about how badly he’s been treated and how unfair the system is, making him look more like a high school bully than a respectable journalist.

If he believes freedom of speech gives him the right to hurt, insult and demean anybody, he should also remember there is a system in place that prevents these things from happening.

Speaking of twisted minds, this is what we are up against folks, Islamists and their enablers at the Human Rights Commissions who would undermine our society and values by stripping us of our right to free speech in the name of “hurt feelings”. Protect your childrens future, fight this illiberal menace. Stop the Human Rights Commissions in their tracks.