“F@#King Jooo” Denies calling all “Middle Easterners terrorists”

Author Howard Rotberg needs support in his battle against Chapters, Heather Reisman, and the usual assortment of Islamists and their quisling enablers, heck this story has everything.

Following is his statement, read it, visit his blog, send a note of support, buy his books;) Get the word out.


Howard Rotberg, the author who had his lecture at the Waterloo Ontario Chapters store, concerning his novel about suicide bombing in Israel (The Second Catastrophe) shouted down by Islamist hecklers, has a new blog: http://secondgenerationradical.blogmatrix.com/

This blog explains and updates developments on, the law suit he filed against Chapters and some others, resulting from the attack and the subsequent banning of his book across the entire Chapters/Indigo chain, after a then 18 year old part time Palestinian book clerk alleged that Rotberg said, (as a result of a heckler calling him a “fucking Jew”) that “all Middle Easterners are terrorists”, a statement Rotberg denies making.

Of course, even if he had said that, it would only be a stupid statement, not a racist one, as Middle Easterners include all colours of Jews and Christians and Bahais, etc. in addition to Muslims. The fact that Chapters PR lady would rush out a press release calling Rotberg as “racist” as the hecklers shows just how far this book chain with 72% of the Canadian retail market, a supposed safeguard of our culture, has gone in terms of submission to those who would deprive us of our rights.

The law suit alleges that Chapters Media Relations Director put out a press release describing both the hecklers AND Rotberg as having made racist statements.

When Rotberg demanded a retraction, on the basis that the allegation was false, and that it could prove dangerous to his safety, Chapters responded by “banning” the book chain wide (all stores had previously been carrying an allotment of seven copies per store). Chapters then refused to even carry the book on its website for book sales.

The book got good reviews, some of which are contained on his website, www.howardrotberg.ca.

The blog contains copies of the full Statement of Claim and the written statement of the 18 year old complainant, and information about a fraudulent internet posting by a friend of the complainant who made up ever more terrible allegations against Rotberg, and posted them on an internet message forum under the name of a reputable Waterloo Jewish family living a few doors away.

Rotberg, a former practicing lawyer for 20 years, is a writer and an award winning developer of affordable rental housing for the working poor.

One can also read about the story in Chapters 2 and 12 of Rotberg’s internet book, Second Generation Radical, found at http://www.secondgenerationradical.com/freeform_3.html

The trial is set for August 27 and 28 in Kitchener.