Unfunny comedian told to go stuff it by city councillor over frivolous “Pot Smokin” Human Rights Complaint

“Tough luck on you that you feel you had your human rights violated,” Hunter responded in an e-mail. “Tough luck on the taxpayers of Ontario that you feel this is a serious matter.”

The councillor goes on to say if every smoker were to file a human rights complaint every time someone asked them to move because their smoke was bothering them, where would we be?

“Bully for you that you can legally smoke dope. I do not feel that gives you the right to shove it in anyone else’s face,” Hunter writes.

Thumbs up to Ottawa City Councillor Gord Hunter!

In other news: Ontario Human Rights Commission makes schools unsafe for children – but it’s in the name of diversity or somethin so I guess that’s ok huh.