Human Rights Jackboots March Into Small Town America….

Blogger Art Gallagher of Monmouth Musings has been the “subject” of a special hearing of the Middletown Township Human Rights Kangaroo Court, a hearing to which he wasn’t invited, a hearing that reeks of, well anyone remotely familiar with the tales of marxist lunacy committed by Canada’s Human Rights Totalitarians knows the rest.

This was the post that got Art in trouble: Nigger Nuts.

This was Art’s response to the Middletown Township poobahs after finally being granted an opportunity to explain the obvious to the busybody dim bulbs, sometimes a polemic is just a polemic.

Art Gallagher’s comments to the Middletown Township Committee, August 4, 2008

“I started the conversation in response to the Reverend Jesse Jackson’s vulgar comments about Barack Obama. I used the same offensive word that Reverend Jackson used, not as a slur towards any one individual or race. Rather, I used it and other offensive words as a linguistic devise, a provocation, to generate attention for this conversation about race relations. It worked.

I come to you tonight, not to defend my 1st Amendment rights, because they have not been violated. I do not come to criticize those who would silence me, because they have the same unalienable right to condemn my speech as I have to utter it.

Nor do I come to apologize. I did what I did intentionally and with a purpose. It worked better than I counted on. I baited my critics to generate attention to the conversation that I believe needs to be had. They reacted predictably. I make no apology for manipulating them, because to do so would dishonor them. I have no delusions about being a puppeteer. Each of us has choices. We are responsible for our own actions and reactions.

Nor do I apologize to my friends and affiliates that my critics have tried to paint as racist by association. Their reactions and responses are an important part of this conversation.”

Read the rest and offer a word of encouragement on Arts blog.

PS. Art is a Republican, not that that means anything;)