Child Brides married off to Condemned Prisoners, Hitler Moustache Worship…and this is a slow news day

“Do you respect all types of moustaches – regardless of their size, length, or width?”

Allam Muhammad Abdel Al-Halim: “Of course.”

Interviewer: “Even Hitler’s moustache?”

Captain Sayyed Shahada: “By the way, I respect the moustache of this Hitler, because he humiliated the most despicable sect in the world. He subdued the people who subdued the whole world – him with his ’11’ moustache. By the way, that kind of moustache is called ’11.’ The generation of this Hitler… When I was little, my father, may he rest in peace, grew that kind of moustache, and so did all his classmates. They all had this ’11’ moustache. That was in the days of Hitler… My father… “

Saudi Human Rights Commission: Calls for end to Saudi child marriages …but they gotta study it a bit more 1st…

“One involved a 15-year-old girl whose father, Muhammad Ali al-Zahrani, a death-row inmate, married her off to a cell mate who also was sentenced to death. The father’s sentence was carried out July 21, when he was beheaded for killing another man.

Pictures of the wedding, held in the prison in Taif for the men, appeared in several newspapers. Media reports said inmates recited poems and delivered speeches in the presence of prison officials. The teenage bride and other women, as is the custom here, held a separate reception outside the jail.

The groom, Awad al-Harbi, and his bride were allowed to spend two nights together in a special prison quarters after the wedding, according to Al-Watan. Al-Harbi told another newspaper, Al-Madina, recently that his wife was pregnant.

There are no laws in Saudi Arabia defining the minimum age for marriage.