Act for Canada?

From MJ Wilson

Further, some prominent Muslim leaders in Canada claim we ignore immigrant minorities. They make claims of discrimination. While I believe we have some lack of awareness of the huge diversity of all the religions and cultures, it is not through lack of effort or intent. The laws speak for themselves. Heritage celebrations are common all over Canada. I contrast this with bigotry and intolerance in the countries of origin of these same people critical of Canada. This is an important fact. None of these same leaders voice appreciation of our multicultural policy. There were only complaints. This makes me wonder why? The tactic is one of complaining. What is the strategy? They make no mention at all of the intolerance that exists elsewhere just here. What is the agenda? Then, the subtle nature of the strategy became more apparent. I believe it is meant to stop any resistance to Sharia Law. If Canada would only recognize Sharia law, there would be no problem. Once we have Sharia Law we will be just like their countries of origin.

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