Ezrant Round Up

Lying Mohamedan Khurrum Awan – up to more lyin.

Eye Weekly has a favourable article on Free- Speech. They even quote Omar Ha Red-Eye who took flight after making the usual empty threats to sue yours truly. Also as usual Mr. Red-Eye’s logic reads as if he drinks his rot-gut namesake:

…Omar Ha-Redeye, a 29-year-old University of Western Ontario student who contributes to the blog Law Is Cool — where human rights commissions aren’t being dismissed out of hand — feels Levant has abused his high-profile platform.

“The only distinguishing feature between this case and the previous ones is that the respondent has taken it upon himself to start a campaign against the human-rights commissions, rather than resolve it quietly and efficiently,” says Ha-Redeye. “Had he taken on the issue prior, there’s a possibility they would have summarily dismissed the complaint as a frivolous retaliation for his activities.

Sheesh what a dolt, yet another special-ed stream law school grad. Omar is a good little Liberal in the mold of fellow boy genius Cherniak.