Ted Rogers is Jewish? Who Knew! Must be one of those Jew-Nazi collaborators

Introducing Rehmat! Rehmat likes to share the love.

Update 1: Neo has done a domain search on Rehmats url http://www.islamunity.com/ – It’s Toikish! Very scary looking discussion forums.

Update 2: Rehmat is a one man Crazy Islamofascist Chat-Monster – check it out:

Germans Now Denying the Holocaust Telepathically, Say Jews


Rehmat lives in Ontario, his interests include religions and Muslim history, he is a Power Generation Engineer … hopefully not at a Nuclear Facility.

Rehmat likes to share his Islamist beliefs : Like in the defence of Danish insulting cartoons – the Jewish controlled media took this fair complaint of Zionist bigotry – as a Muslims’ attempt to block “Freedom of Speech”.

Or thisIn order to understand why Canada’s HRC has no ears for Canada’s largest minority, Muslims, because HRC was brain-child of a Jewish lawyer, Abe Borovoy – and has a history of Zionist-Jewish domination.

Or thisJew-Nazi Collaboration According to Russia’s master-spy, Ruth Cohen (a Jew), almost every single British spy for communism, before, during, after WW II, and the Cold War – was Jewish or homosexual or both.

It has been documented that close to 150,000 Germans of mixed Jewish race were part of Nazi war machine and some of these Jews held very high-ranking positions in military, air force, administration and labour (concentration) camps.

Bye for now Rehmat, but expect a visit from the CSIS welcome wagon soon!