Poisonous Cat Fur!

It was nice to read the Nat Post this morning and find out from Pearl Eliadis that I’m “poisonous”. It brought a smile to this kitty’s whiskers. Here’s the original “Texas Cage Match Post” our girl Pearl refers to.

Pearl Eliadis, a prominent human rights lawyer, responded that what Mr. Borovoy thought 40 years ago should not determine the current state of human rights law, and that the arguments against human rights commissions dealing with complaints against media are premised on the notion that “new rights are bad rights.”

She said the commissions are “strategically and uncomfortably poised” in “dynamic tension” among NGOs, government, voters, industry and other influences, and it is “almost proof of their relative success that nobody is happy.”

Ms. Eliadis singled out one in particular, blazingcatfur. blogspot.com, as “poisonous” for referring to her panel at the conference as a “Texas cage match.”

She said it was evidence of the “appalling tone” that is “illustrative of how badly this debate has gone.”

Should I be worried? I mean, they went after Mark Steyn not for his content, but for his “tone”.