Red on Red or Censor v Censor! Layton v the CJC on Durban 2

Layton faces caucus revolt over position on ‘Durban 2’

The NDP’s opposition to the boycott came under fierce attack from Jewish groups, with Bernie Farber, chief executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress calling it a “betrayal of the Jewish community and of Canadians in general.”
The NDP tried to get a left-wing Jewish group of academics and activists called the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians to orchestrate a letter-writing campaign in support of the party’s position.

So let me get this straight.

Layton and the NDP support the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Nazi-Like censorship legislation of Section 13 (1). They also support Canada’s participation in Durban 2, the successor to the original Durban “Festival of the Anti-Semites”.

Bernie Farber and the CJC support Section 13 (1), and in fact have used it to turn the CHRC into the CJC’s private censorship enforcement agency. Farber and the CJC oppose Canada’s participation in Durban 2.

Ok now what to do what to do…..Ah Ha!

This divisiveness represents a terrible rift in the Grand Liberal Fascist Alliance. I recommend they take advantage of the mediation expertise of Jennifer Lynch and reach a compromise, maybe they can work together and condemn some Christians at the next NDP Convention.