Thoughts on Bernie Farber and Scapegoating

Trupeers of Covenant zone pens a thoughtful piece on the race baiting antics of Haroon Siddiqui and Bernie Farber in their feeble defense of the CHRC’s Nazi like Censorship regime.

When Bernie Farber, who has had a good run representing the Canadian Jewish Congress – taking a lead among NGOs in communicating with and influencing the “human rights” agents of the Canadian state, helping ensure that the Marc Lemires of the world get punished for promoting certain resentments – starts to see his own organizations’ actions becoming targeted for criticism, what does he do? Does he openly debate those making rational claims that more harm inevitably comes from the restrictive and somewhat arbitrary or politicized means necessary to police “hate” than does any possible good? No, instead of seriously exploring if there are any possible methods of restricting speech that would not inevitably compromise his “noble” Utopian end of ending “hate”, it seems to me that the Utopian dream rules and Bernie can only offer false moral equivalences by way of defending it.

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