Leo Adler plays Dungeons & Dragons with Jewish lives

Shaidle hits a home run.

As I muttered under my breath: the NDP have never won a federal election, but the Nazis are poised to take over?!

Screw you, bub.

What an insult to Canadians.

That without the intrepid, selfless (cough) vigilence of Leo Adler, our centuries old multicultural parliamentary democracy of 30 million mostly law abiding, if not downright timid souls, is just a hateful website away from being ruled by the skinhead gang from Oz.

Sicker still: these Professional Jews are convinced, against all evidence, that Jews face a greater threat from badly tattooed, pasty faced basement losers than from legions of well-financed, highly motivated radical Muslims at home and abroad.

With each passing day that Professional Jews insist on fighting an imaginary enemy, their real enemy gains strength.

The rest.