Muslim extremists: The protected class

Doug Powers

But let’s not kid ourselves – this is only happening because Steyn picked on the “wrong” group of people. If Steyn had written something similar about the Irish, Italians, Puerto Ricans or Mexicans, he’d probably have gained a temporary pass, but Muslims are the new protected class – the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Politically Correct Eden –and Mark Steyn is guilty of taking a bite.

The maddening insinuation by the leftist government appeasers is this: If the likes of Mark Steyn would just shut up, the people he criticizes wouldn’t have to retaliate by murdering innocent people by the bushel. This does a disservice to lots of people (and should be insulting to rational human beings, especially to any law-abiding Muslim), but it also is an insult to nonliving entities – particularly the truth.

When it comes to free speech, we should get more than a little nervous when we hear about government “commissions” dedicated in part to “monitoring” this right, because the very act of doing so renders the right of free speech, in an immediate and paradoxical fashion, unfree. But that’s intrusive government for you.

This is the danger in any nation trending toward socialism, as Canada has done and the U.S. appears hell-bent on doing, and is why that boulder should never be allowed to gain downhill speed. Inevitably, after the banks and the medical care and the oil companies, even free speech rights are socialized (which obviously means “leveling” them), and that’s when the real problems begin.

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