Strange Bedfellows: Bernie Farber & Haroon Siddiqui Defend Mohammed “The Jew Baiter” Elmasry

Haroon Siddiqui rounds up the 3 or four remaining liberal fascists still expressing support for Canada’s censorship regime as embodied in the vile Section 13(1) thought crime law.

Support for this Politically Correct Tryanny attracts strange bedfellows. With the swing in public opinion clearly moving against them Haroon & Farber have turned to race baiting as their last sordid defense. Not surprising, you can always tell when you’re winning an argument with a ‘Liberal” , they play the grievance card, evidently supporters of Free-Speech are racists. Thanks for comin out guys, it is comforting to note that your fall back position is straight from the Lying Jackals playbook, but sad to realize that you have no qualms about resorting to heinous deceit.

But freedom of speech is not absolute. “Except for the U.S., virtually every Western democracy has laws against hate,” notes Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress. “Our anti-hate laws are probably the most underused.”

The Supreme Court has upheld those laws. Jewish, gay and other groups have long advocated their use. Few Canadians complained. But now that Muslims are, many are.

“That’s really what it’s about,” Farber told me. “When non-Muslims were using it, nobody really cared.

“People need scapegoats. It used to be Jews. Now it’s Muslims, to a great extent. Tomorrow, it may be Bahais or somebody else …

“People should focus on the law, not on those using it. If the complaint is frivolous, the system will deal with it.”

Read the rest of this feeble minded slur here. Amazing, Bernie Farber defending the actions of Radical Islamist Jew-Baiter Mohammed Elmasry, the man behind the Macleans/Steyn complaint, that is desperation at its most sordid. Farber and Siddiqui have deliberately ignored the fact the censorship laws can & will be used against them, that the Human Rights Commission complaint system is undemocratic, an abuse of due process and a punishment in its own right. Farber and the rest of the liberal fascists seem content to accept the fate of Father De Valk, Bishop Henry the Reverend Boissoin & Macleans/Steyn as mere collateral damage in their quest to undermine Canadian values and the rule of law.

As a commenter noted of Farber: He also appears to put his phoney baloney job and NGO officer prestige ahead of any ideological or moral compass. In his desperation to “win at all costs” he has become an unwitting dupe for both radical Islamism and anti-democratic soviet administrative tyranny.

Newsflash for Bernie Farber – I don’t give a damn if you are Jewish, Muslim or a Frick’n Wiccan or whether you are Tamil, Tobagoan or a Tomale, Free Speech is absolute, it is not your privilege to deny anyone that freedom and I will fight you or anyone else who attempts to trample a right that has been paid for in blood. Farber if you and the Canadian Jewish Congress can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, the CJC has abused the Human Rights Commissions and Section 13 (1) and now you are being called on it. Clearly Farber underestimated the negative public reaction to the CJC’s improprieties and now he hopes to deflect this unflattering attention by implying his opponents are bigots. Sorry Bernie, it wasn’t the Amish Canadian Congress that started this, you and the CJC did.

Like attracts like obviously, imagine the CIC & CJC working together to promote fascism, well at least we know where these craven, alleged “spokes organizations” stand. The abuse of our cherished Freedoms by the Canadian Jewish Congress & The Canadian Islamic Congress & any other illiberal special interest group will be stopped and the Thought Crime Censorship Laws will be repealed. Sorry boys, your toys will be taken away.

To all the of the Fascist Censorship Supporters:

Screw -Off. Thought Crime Laws do not have a place in a democratic society. We are taking our Freedoms Back.


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