Intellectual freedom: Survival is design, not chance

An excerpt from Denyse O’Leary’s address to Write! Canada, a conference of Christian writers:

None of this is the persecution Christ promised! This is merely the logical and predictable result of our moral laziness and inattention to the overall drift of our politics— for which we Christians bear considerable responsibility.

It is true that those who seek to undermine intellectual freedom in Canada aim very frequently at Christians — disproportionately perhaps, but not only, at us. As I have said elsewhere, it is their own power over society that these commissions are consolidating. The point isn’t to privilege, say, Muslims over Christians but to give the “human” face of fascism the right to control what media dare publish.

I have even heard Christians suggest that we Christians can use these illiberal and possibly corrupt systems to our own advantage – “to get a little of our own back”. No we can’t and we shouldn’t — but again, that is a discussion for another venue.

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