CBC’s Neil MacDonald: Free Speech is Good but Steyn Oozes Sarcasm tsk tsk

Now, I have read Steyn’s book. And Elmasry’s accusation that it treats Islam contemptuously is certainly true.

Steyn, like many social conservatives, practically seethes with contempt for certain Islamic laws and customs. He mocks Western leftists who, out of a sense of moral relativism, defend them.

“Non-Muslim females in heavily Muslim neighbourhoods in France now wear headscarves while out on the streets,” he writes, demanding to know why feminists don’t speak out more.
His conclusion oozes sarcasm: “Yes, yes, I know Islam is very varied and Riyadh has a vibrant gay scene, and the Khartoum Feminist Publishing Collective now has so many members they’ve rented lavish new offices above the clitorectomy clinic.”

The rest.

Yea well I guess if your forced to work for the al Jazeera farm team like MacDonald a bit of Steyn jealousy is understandable.