The Atlantic on – The Muftis of Cascadia

By Graeme Wood

What gives me hope for Canada is that the Canadian Islamic Congress appears to be aggrieved only in the most boring and uninspiring way. These people show no brilliance, nor even anti-brilliance. If they made a movie, it would probably resemble a cross between an after-school special and a particularly soporific hour of C-SPAN. In Pakistan, Rushdie’s supposed heresies aroused howling fury, and a mature, purposeful, and formidable challenge to Western ideals of free expression. By contrast, one of the complainants in Steyn’s case, Mohamed Elmasry, was apparently so unthrilled by his indignation that he did not bother to show up for the trial. The other, Naiyer Habib, was reduced to arguing that Steyn’s articles had, in essence, hurt his feelings by expressing contemptuous and hateful sentiments toward the Muslims of British Columbia. That’s it.

The rest.