Kathy Shaidle foments revolution at Pajama’s Media

Read the Short Furious One’s latest on the Steyn “Re-Education Camp” proceedings at Pajama’s Media.

From the comments at Pajama’s:

A group of rag-tag militiamen gathered on Lexington common facing a line of British regulars. The year was 1775. A British officer stepped forward and ordered the rabble to disperse. Someone yelled back, “get the hell off our land.” Somebody else pulled the trigger on his musket and ignited a revolution based on a belief in liberty. We don’t know their names, but these patriots were priveleged to stand on the fulcrum of history.

Today in Canada a handful of patriots stand also on the fulcrum. Liberty is under assault yet again. As before the answer must be defiance. The face of tyranny arrives as a mild-mannered clerk. Orwell warned us this would be the case. Yet the stakes are the same as they were at Lexington. Mark Steyn, Kathy Shaidle and a handful of others have the privlege of standing athwart the bridge facing tyranny.

So fight, damn you! Think not of exile. There is nothing so dear as liberty. I shall contribute with a hundred U.S. dollars. But you are the ones who must take the fight to the enemy. And you must be victorious. History warns us that acommodation to tyranny always leads to more bloodshed in the end. Stand tall and proud. And fight!