Hadjis denies BC Civil Liberties Association Intervener Status at Section 13 (1) Court Challenge

What else is new? This is a sign desperation, of cornered rats, and Jay Currie detects the scent of perjury in the air….

In other Free Speech News…..

Downwitheverybody informs us The Sudbury Star & Kingston Whig Standard say get rid of the vile Section 13 (1).

Libertarian Alliance on the Steyn doings: I guess that if people like us were what Stalin called “serious”, we would all buy return tickets on Amerian Airlines, then we would NOT cause the planes to fly into the CHRC building, we would shoot the “complainants” , we would then “claim responsibility”, and we would fly home in triumph. But I guess this will not be.

Ezra says Ed is an an Anti-Christian Bigot – I thought he was just dim hmmmm.

Pete Vere is on Drew Mariani’s show today: The Drew Mariani Show has invited me to appear tomorrow (Tuesday, June10) at around 6:20pm EDT/5:20pm CDT for an interview on the situationbetween Christians and Canada’s human rights tribunals. The Drew Mariani Show is part of Relevant Radio, one of the largestCatholic radio networks in the U.S.

Rightgirl has the Steyn Interview here at BrassBalls Radio

Grant LaFleche writes: The Drumhead Trial – Mark Steyn, Macleans, The Sock Puppets & the attack on Free Speech in Canada

Silly Little Country on The CBC, Elamsry and Hate Crime Statistics.

Dead Reckoning asks us to “Test your extremist knowledge and Canadian tolerance levels.”

Rob Breakenridge on Khurrum Awan -Minister of Information😉