An assault on free speech in an inappropriate forum

Vancouver Sun

The cacophony of commentary in the international blogosphere was, to my hearing, hugely negative toward this process and decidedly anti-Muslim.

Those who exercise their free speech on the Net especially felt the icy chill of this illegitimate process. Most of the demonstrators came to the courthouse not to support the minority group but to back Steyn and the big corporation!

Several bloggers, including Maclean’s columnist Andrew Coyne, were inside the courtroom filing play-by-play accounts to the Internet.

In one of the week’s great ironies, Coyne was told to stop his live blogging Friday. He could continue typing into his machine, but no transmitting from the courtroom: You have free speech, Andrew, but keep it to yourself.

The silliness was non-stop and would have been laughable if Maclean’s and Steyn were not forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending themselves and the public purse not drained of thousands more pursuing them.

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