Canadian Human Rights Commission issues doctored trial transcript to hide evidence -Testimony relevant to RCMP probe deleted from CHRC transcript

Update: Welcome Dr. Dawgs reader! Yes that’s singular. Amazing how little traffic lefty blogs have. Of course if you have read stuff like Dawgs lame counter-spin to the CHRC transcript omissions described here, well small wonder isn’t it;)

CHRC Evidence Tampering of Transcripts – Breaking !

Not surprising, the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) is corrupt to the core, but this is desperate even by their vile standards.

Socon has more on this latest corruption scandal at the CHRC.

Ezra has more on the latest corruption scandal at the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Odd isn’t it, this is the transcript the CHRC was shopping around to the media in their spin control efforts to counter, among other allegations, the hijacking of a citizens internet account by CHRC staff. The same transcript that was leaked to Ezra by a reporter.

Seems a tad much to believe that the most damaging of transcript evidence in the hijacking matter was “accidentally” left out.

Is this what passes for PR at the CHRC?

Next stop Nuremberg defense;)

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is Corrupt.
Investigate the CHRC Now Mr. Harper & Mr. Nicholson.