BC HRT: Send Macleans/Steyn Case to Canadian Human Rights Commission – Freakin’ A, bubba.

Nigel Hannaford- Calgary Herald

But these are not silly people. Anti-free-speech, yes; silly, not at all. They have excellent survival skills, and knowing what a bollocks the week’s proceedings would appear to a reasonable person, and how many reasonable persons know about it, they may well decide not to push their luck.

After all, nobody who knows Maclean’s believes for a moment the magazine is in the hate-speech business, so who would look like the idiot, the magazine or the tribunal?

Hmm, they will say. The Ontario Human Rights Commission has decided not to touch it. . . . Isn’t the Canadian Human Rights Commission supposed to look at it one day? Let’s leave the hot conker in their bed?

Ah yes. Those are the guys whose investigators post provocative statements on your website, under an assumed name and borrowing somebody else’s wi-fi. At least, that’s what they admitted in one case earlier this year. That would be the place for Maclean’s and Steyn to get justice, wouldn’t it? Freakin’ A, bubba.

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The Canadian Human Rights Commission is Corrupt.
Investigate the CHRC Now Mr. Harper & Mr. Nicholson.