Final day of Canada’s Farcical Soap Opera “As the Roo Turns”


The statements submitted to the Roo Court by the interveners on Macleans/Steyn’s behalf are now available at Andrew Coynes Blog.

The joint submission by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association & The Canadian Association of Journalists, and the submission from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (download only), as well as Julian Porter’s closing statement and the Outline of Maclean’s closing submission are all up.

… Earlier Today…

The Roo’s strike back: Andrew Coyne – CODA: There will be no more liveblogging. As I left the courtroom for the lunch break, i was taken aside by a sheepish-looking court official, who said that he’d just learned that I had been “broadcasting” from inside the courtroom. So had I. Broadcasting, I said? I didn’t have a microphone, or a camera. No, he explained: but liveblogging counts as broadcasting.

We must wait to see the CCLA & BCCLA and CAJ submissions to the Roo Court on behalf of Macleans/Steyn.

Blazingcatfur is calling for Macleans & Steyn to be acquitted but the following statement by Julian Porter in his closing argument may infuriate the Kangaroo Kommisars enough that they cut off their tails in order to spite their butts and rule for the Islamist Liars.

Julian Porter closing statement: “When we are reduced to having an expert on Bollywood, mulling and sifting through the work, prospecting for prejudice, this surely cries out to society, ‘this is ridiculous.’

That sums up the very essence of the Human Rights Racket. Unfortunately it also will likely upset the Kommissars of the Roo Court – Porter has likely hurt their feelings and you know what that means……may have to change my bet on a Macleans/Steyn acquittal. Nothin worse than upsettin a petty vindictive bureaucrat.

McConchie is reminding the tribunal of all the traditional defences that are not available to us: fair comment, innocent intent, good faith, truth. I’ll Say!

If this were an ordinary court proceeding, Maclean’s would be seeking an order that the complainants pay costs. But as a show of respect “to this tribunal and the Muslim community,” we are not. Pity they should bankrupt the bastards;)

Andrew Coyne will be live blogging the final episode.

Jay Currie will be live blogging the live blogging.

Binks at FreeMarkSteyn will be keeping an eye on things as well.

Mark Steyn will be appearing on RightGirls BrassBalls Radio Show later today.


No decision is expected from the Roo Masters today.

Blazingcatfur’ fearless prediction on the Macleans/Steyn Sham trial:

The BC HRT will find for Macleans/Steyn thus saving their fascist asses for a bit longer.

The BC HRT are stupid yes, but like all tyrants they have an instinct for self-preservation. A finding in the Mohammedans favour would result in an appeal which may reach as far as the SCC. An SCC appeal ruling overturning the BC HRT’s finding may well spell the end of the Kangaroo Kourt’s power over free men. To date the Roo’s have favoured the mohammedans to ridiculous lengths thus protecting themselves from possible accusations that the Islamists were never given a ‘fair chance” to present their lies er I mean case. That in a nut shell is the set up required for finding in favour of Macleans/Steyn.

The Human Rights Racketeers do not want to lose the power the fascist anti-free speech laws give them. They need to be able to cower citizens into submission to further their anti-democratic agenda, therefore they will wisely decide against the Mohammedans in the vain hope that they will be permitted to continue to undermine democracy in Canada unobserved, as it was before.

Question to readers: Is it possible to launch a Law Society Complaint against the Sock Puppets for their dubious behavior. Mohammedan Khurrum Awan has been proven a liar. Doe’s Canada really need individuals of the Sock Puppets obvious calibre working in the legal profession?

No I didn’t think so either. Let me know what you think.