Julian Porter attempts to make new law in Macleans/Steyn Show Trial – “Scaredy Pants” Provision

The bizarro world of the Human Rights Apparatchiks is being exposed for what it is in the Macleans/Steyn hearing. A horrible abuse of due process that ignores all rules of common sense and decency let alone legal tradition.

It is clear that these tribunals are run by vindictive politically correct agendas that are antithetical to Canadian Values.

Julian Porter has struck back however, labelling the Islamist complainants Mohammed Elmasry & Naiyer Habib “Scaredy Pants” for their refusal to testify at their own trial. Will the Scaredy Pants provision be recognized by the BC HRT? Will the Mohammedans be compelled to testify and if not will the case then be thrown out? Nah, not likely the BC HRT gives a bad name to Kangaroo Kourts.

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