Hinterland Who’s Who – Ian Fine of the CHRC or Canadian Weasel watching by Binky

Binks rips PC Thug Ian Fine – the Kool-Aid Kommissar of the Canadian Human Rights Commission to shreds for Fine’s ludicrous defence of state censorship as practiced by the U. corrupt N.

It looks like Mr. Fine was making a very much larger plea for the normalization of UN-think in Canadian affairs; the strengthening of the role of the HRCs and governments in controlling thought and speech and thus media and opinion everywhere; knowing that people within the elites who agree with him and other soft-totalitarians would be protected and pleased with the railroading of politics, culture, and discussion within Canadian Society.

Whatever his personal niceness or good intentions or worth as a human being, to adopt Ian Fine’s radical agenda would aid and abet the soft-totalitarianism which is infecting the West, and soft Jihadism, which is invading and infesting the West. It’s nice to have the head weasel out of his bolt-hole, and to know the kind of motivations he’s imparting to his work and the staffers of the Canadian Human Rights Commission– to curb and ruin freedom of speech, upon which all other freedoms depend.

The rest – great work Binks!