Colby Cosh – Muslims vs. Maclean’s: In a heartbeat, the story changes

Remember that Mohammedan lawyer guy, you know The Liar? oh yea Khurrum Awan…Colby Cosh is writing about him being a liar.

It’s certainly true that Maclean’s would have refused to print a belated, long-winded reply to the Steyn piece no matter who wrote it. Nonetheless, it appears that the lawyers who created this whole brouhaha have been inventing details in order to create an impression that their original demands were relatively reasonable and benign. Indeed, the Osgoode students’ February op-ed for the Gazette leaves the distinct impression that they would not have filed any complaints if a “mutually acceptable” rebuttal had been possible. Now Mr. Awan has admitted they never really got around to asking for one. It goes without saying that this should be fatal to their case in the court of public opinion. And the legal profession they are about to enter has some hard decisions to make about their ethical credibility.

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