Thoughts on seeing a human rights tribunal in action

Trupeers of Covenant Zone speaks!

I have been reflecting on a little time spent at the British Columbia Human Rights tribunal on Monday, mostly spent listening to the testimony of Khurrum Awan, the young man largely responsible for starting the ball rolling on what became the Mohamed Elmasry/CIC complaint against Maclean’s.

Marginalized Action Dino Speaks on Andrew Rippin, Expert Witness to the Mohammedan

(Frankly Rippin devasted the complainants case, proving they had none to begin with.)

Jeremey Maddock – A Day in the Life of the BC Human Rights Tribunal

I walked away from today’s hearing with a more profound realization than ever before of how biased and arbitrary Human Rights Tribunals really are. Sections dealing with “hate messages” exist solely to bend all thought towards a politically correct mainstream. Today, that mainstream is personified by relatively bland and inoffensive academics like Rippin, and seems more or less harmless to most Canadians. In 20 or 30 years, it’s anyone’s guess what the mainstream might be, and if even a fraction of Mark Steyn’s perfectly plausible predictions come true, it won’t be pretty.

MARK STEYN and the Canadian “Human Rights” GESTAPO-Sondergerichte … this is very funny and apposite from NRO …