The Twilight Zone….The antichrist is supposedly alive on earth today in Europe and is supposedly German, gay, part Jewish, with fierce features.

“And you are seeing the attack, the systematic attack upon the Bible believing Christians of the world.”

“Then there’s hate crimes and certainly no one wants to preach hate. But here’s how they are being interpreted. That Federal and state laws are being passed under the banner of hate crimes and when you speak negative in any person’s life about who they are, their sexual preference, its considered a crime. That means if a preachers stands in the pulpit that homosexuality is an abomination before God as Moses said in the Torah, he can be fined or thrown into jail or both. You’re going to see that happen.

By the way our ,our program in Canada just got blipped off. You can’t say that in Canada. I preached a sermon series on the ten commandments. Ten, they only showed two of those sermons in Canada. All you have to do to get shut off in Canada is to say there is no other name under heaven whereby we might be saved other than Jesus Christ. That’s hate speech. Why? Because it offends other people. All other faiths when you say that Jesus is the only way to God, if it irritates them or offends them then your off the air so were off the air most o the time. (Clapping and cheers.)

The core curriculum of science and math have been replaced with global warming and how to get in contact with your inner self. That is really important.

Yea I know, but it does hit close to home, still somehow I suspect that the real Anti-Christ would prefer to Chair one of our Human Rights Commissions;)