The Globe: Unfair demands made, says Maclean’s – No Scheiss Sherlock!

VANCOUVER — Legal counsel for Maclean’s magazine suggested yesterday that a group headed by an Ontario law student made unfair demands of the publication and later changed their story, possibly to appear more sympathetic.

Lawyer Julian Porter made the claim on the second day of a hearing in front of B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal.

Unfair demands? Read this, Mohammedan Khurrum Awan is a bold faced liar.

Julian Porter of the Macleans legal team catches Khurrum Awan, one of the 3 little fascist sock puppets employed by Elmo “The Jew Hater” Elmasry, in a bold faced lie.

Oh Cripes now the lying Mohammedan Khurrum Awan is accusing Jonathan Kay of editing a letter he sent to the National Post. This is an attempt to cover for the lie the little shit was caught in by Porter.