National Post: Maclean’s hearing missing relevance

VANCOUVER — Were they not inexorably entwined in the mock trial of Maclean’s magazine and the attempt to limit legal expression of opinion in this country, the four legal amigos seated at the B. C. Human Rights Tribunal’s table of complaints would almost be pitiable. Not pitiful.
Faisal Joseph is a former Crown counsel now in private practice, and the lawyer in charge of bringing two human rights complaints against Maclean’s, “on behalf of all the Muslim residents of the province of British Columbia.”

That alone is ludicrous. Presumptuous. And false. The province’s Muslim community was not canvassed prior to the proceedings. It did not endorse Mr. Joseph’s mission. Indeed, aside from Mr. Joseph and his legal assistants, only a few Muslims have attended the hearing, taking place this week inside a B. C. provincial courtroom.

But proof has no relevance at this Tribunal; one may claim anything.

The rest.