Who’s to say what you can say?

By Ron Friedman, Journalism Ethics

Much of the flame fanning in this case was done by Steyn himself. The writer, known for his straight talking and, some might say, callous style of writing and lack of sensitivity or regard for political correctness, has done much to bring this topic to the general awareness. Aside from writing the original article that sparked the debate, he continues to comment on it, in his characteristically grating tone, on his blog www.steynonline.com and in commentary articles in Maclean’s.

“While the career benefits of free-speech martyrdom are perhaps not quite as lucrative as Kevin Baker assumes, I do take a quiet satisfaction in knowing that, publicity-wise, the last three months have been the worst in the entire existence of the ‘human rights’” commissions,” wroteSteyn on March 26.

The rest.