Oh Lord…The CBC should be burned to the ground

I have seen but am not allowed to post an exchange between an on the spot observer and several CBC types sent to cover the Steyn/Macleans show trial. The ignorance of these alleged Mothercorp journos is appalling.

Wait for it. And here it is from 5FofF:

I went down to the hearing this morning to get a seat, arriving about 20 min before proceedings began, and was, like much of the media, too late. Very small venue courtroom 105. I sat beside a couple of the CBC journalists who did not make it in and made some small talk, asking if they were national or local. Both were with CBC radio, one was national one was local. Both were upset that they could not get access, but seemed relieved that “Milewski was in”.

Media continued to show up (now late) and were denied access. All were demonstratable outraged that they, the media, could not get access.

CBC journos asked me who I was with. Just an interested observer I replied.

Who is this Steyn guy they asked. Is he a journalist? Who does he write for? He’s right wing isn’t he?

Surprised at their lack of knowledge, I gave them a bit of a background on Steyn, – oh yes he sounded a bit familiar now.

I asked them what they thought about the case.

The rest.