Mark Steyn – The Roo Warrior!

Upperdate: Binks is feeling neglected, well I did neglect him and shouldn’t have – he has cool video go there now and see Robert Jago on film – Naked & Covered in Flames! … ok I fibbed about the naked part.

Update Pelausa a Vancouver blogger has some on the spot photo’s and commentary.

Yes today is the day, Steyn and Macleans go up against the Kangaroo Kourt Kommissars of the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Their crime? They committed the upardonable sin of “Free-Speech”.

Andrew Coyne of Macleans will be live blogging.

Trupeers of Covenant Zone & Dag of No Dhimmitude will be mounting a protest outside the hanging place.

We few, We happy few, or maybe more (we will see) are still planning on demonstrating against the existence of Section 7 of the British Columbia Human Rights Code, and the almost identical Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, when the Maclean’s-Mark Steyn trial begins tomorrow morning. We still plan to meet at 8 AM outside the Provincial Court House at 800 Hornby Vancouver. Please join us if you can.

Jay Currie and Robert Jago will be in attendance as well.

The persecution begins at about 12:30 pm Eastern Bastards Freezing in the Dark Time. Check out Coyne’s site as well as Shaidles for insta-updates.