“The Hatemonger’s Quarterly” Fifth Annual Horrible College-Student Poetry Competition: And the Winner Is…

Fourth Runner-Up: “sonnet of (equaliteez)” bai (Quincy)

how R U racist? let me kount teh wayz
U R racist cuz U R (white)
U R racist bai dai n nite,
U R racist cuz U fiteteh ones who teech (equality).
U R racist cuz U dwellon mai lak of skilz at spell(ing)
U R racist cuz U talk (white)
ai reelee can(not) stand the site,uv U talking (white)
…ai seez U, (white), az uh sheet,
KKK reddy 2 beet… (me)(white)
az AmeriKKKa!racist AmeriKKKa!
U R racist cuz U deny teh (truth),
the fundu(mental) equazhun

Gee: Someone’s received a B- in his African-American Studies class, eh? Even by the wretched standards of bad collegiate doggerel, that’s some bad stuff.

And that is only the 4th runner up read on.

H/T Pundita