CAJ applies to intervene in Steyn & Maclean’s human rights case

OTTAWA, May 29 /CNW/ –

The Canadian Association of Journalists hasformally applied for standing as an intervenor at the upcoming BritishColumbia Human Rights Tribunal hearings on a complaint of religious and racialdiscrimination against Maclean’s magazine. The complaint, brought by Mohamed Elmasry and Naiyer Habib on behalf ofthe Muslim residents of B.C., alleges Maclean’s October, 2006, publication ofan excerpt from Mark Steyn’s book, America Alone, is contrary to section 7 ofthe B.C. Human Rights Code, which prohibits discriminatory or hateful speech. The CAJ has applied to intervene in defence of freedom of the press,freedom of expression and because journalists’ interests are clearly affected,on many levels, by the proceedings. One argument the CAJ hopes to make is thathuman rights cases under section 7 must consider the intent of the writer inassessing published material.

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