Updated – A tokin of his abuse: Another “medicinal marijauna” Human Rights complaint in Ontario

Update: Dr. Mabuse digs deeper into the story behind the story behind that other thingamajig:

It would have been nice if the reporter had given a little more background on the complainant, Russell Barth. He’s portrayed as just an ordinary schmoe, trying to make a living while struggling with ill health. A quick google search reveals that he’s a well-known marijuana rights activist, and has been for several years. I must say, though, his approach is original. Whereas the Burlington pot smoker leaned on the restaurant, Barth’s complaint names the Ontario Government as the rights violator, because it is the Ontario Liquor License Act which mandates that people may not use marijuana in licensed premises, or even enter such establishments after having done so. The rest.

Ottawa Citizen

Ontario regulations banning medicinal-marijuana users from smoking on bar and restaurant patios violate the human rights of people with disabilities, alleges an Ottawa man who has filed a complaint over the issue.

Sure, why not.