Canadian Human Rights Racket: Aw c’mon leave us alone turn off that spotlight…please

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has blown off attempts by the BC Civil Liberties Association to intervene in the upcoming Section 13 (1) court challenge. This is just the latest anti-democratic effort to exclude the Canadian public from having any say on this vitally serious national issue, earlier the Tribunal had denied status to the Canadian Constitution Foundation. Par for the course for the illiberal liberals whose goal is to gut the Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

In other news on Canadian Human Rights Commission abuses – Warrants we don’t need no stinkin warrants.

Still more news on Canadian Human Rights Commission abuses – Connie Fournier finds out that the CHRC has a pending action against one Bill Whatcott, before Whatcott himself is informed. – The CHRC – class all the way.

Yet more Canadian Human Rights Commission Abuse: In a fit of sheer frustrated malevolence The CHRC leaks a confidential letter which is then linked to on a Neo-Nazi website by a gruntled CHRC ex-employee.

And now a peek into the mindset of a dedicated liberal fascist er Canadian Human Rights Huckster, 2 part video, Pete Vere interviews a CHRC Kool-Aid Kid H/T 5FofF:

“When you say anyone can speak freely in a democratic society, does that include Mark Steyn…?”