Canadian Human Rights Commission Stonewalling: refuse access to information request on spurious grounds

A request was made of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, you know those totalitarian twits who routinely abuse citizens and have no respect for the law, at any rate they were asked to release a list of all pseudonyms used by CHRC staff in their dubious entrapment efforts. NB: the request was to release the code names only not the identity behind the names.

Naturally the CHRC chose to abuse the process and refused the request citing the potential to expose staff to “danger”. I guess it’s one thing for these fascist bastards to leak a confidential letter to Richard Warman allowing them to vindictively expose Elizabeth Lampman to danger quite another if they suspect their sorry asses are on the line.

But let’s face it, this denial is not about “protecting CHRC staff”, it is borne of fear – fear of exposure, each passing day brings to light further evidence of the culture of corruption that exists at the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Collusion, misleading testimony provided under oath, entrapment, privacy act violations, abuse of process etc. etc etc. The CHRC is being exposed for what it is, a vile anti-democratic abomination that is corrupt to the core.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is not above the law, they will learn this the hard way. Citizens & Politicians have had enough of these moral monsters and their slimy efforts to undermine the Rights of Canadians.

We will defeat them. We will win.