National Post -Sanity on censorship

In recent months, erstwhile ideological allies have been fighting a nasty battle over the issue of censorship in this country. The flash point is Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which–along with its provincial counterparts — has empowered human rights commissions to investigate, and sometimes censor, conservatives who are alleged to have incited contempt against minority groups. These include Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant, both of whom have been accused of “Islamophobia” by complainants.

The rest.

The Post is right Section 13(1) must go,period.

In other news – Canada continues to be turned into the laughing stock of the Free-world thanks to our Stasi-like Human Rights Commissions.

Moreover, Canada is the country that ought to be voted “Most Happy to Persecute in the Name of Tolerance.” Just last week the Orwellian “Human Rights” Tribunal of Ontario ruled that Christian Horizons, a charity that runs homes for developmentally disabled adults, engaged in illegal discrimination when it tried to ensure that its employees were practicing Christians who accepted Christian sexual teaching on adultery, fornication and homosexual sex. Worse than the $23,000 fine is a government edict that the organization submit to a re-education plan to change the group’s attitudes.

Jennifer Lynch reemerges with the thriller ‘Surveillance.’ How appropriate! Oh wait it ain’t CHRC Koffee Kommissar Lynch.