Is this a trickle of reason?

Xanthippa Socrates asks – Is this a trickle of reason?

But, perhaps the best news comes from Europe! Czech Republic is a nation of reason (fully 59% of Czechs describe themselves as atheists, agnostics or non-believers) and their scepticism extends to other areas, as well. Lubos Motl, one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists, writes that Vaclav Kaus, the President of Czech Republic, has vetoed an ‘anti-discrimination’ bill. His justification?

“I consider the bill to be a useless, counterproductive, and low-quality bill while its consequences seem to be problematic….”

Good on you, Czechs!

You can read the full, well reasoned and excellent speech here. Mr. Motl writes that, ironically,

“Because the bill has been “ordered” by the European bureaucrats and the country may face sanctions (let’s say it: the Czechs may be discriminated against) if the anti-discrimination bill is not approved”

The rest, Fabulous News, a voice of reason in government!