History’s Losers Unite 2.0: “A World in Revolt: Prospects for Jew-Baiting er sorry, Socialism in the 21st Century”

Some of you may remember the original History’s Losers Unite – A Festival of Treason, That momentous meeting of the pseudo-left and Islamists, well welcome to this years model!

“A World in Revolt” – Tri-National Conference set for Toronto, May 22-25

All the usual suspects will be in attendance:

Co-sponsored by Socialist Action-Canada, SA-US, and the Socialist Unity League (LUS) of Mexico, the gathering will feature writer, scientist and foremost Cuban proponent of Trotskyism, Celia Hart. It will also showcase Esteban Volkov, Mexico City-based grandson of Leon Trotsky; Bryan Palmer, Canadian biographer of the founder of American communism, James P. Cannon; Gerry Foley, international editor of SA newspaper; Jeff Mackler, SA National Secretary and co-coordinator of the Campaign to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal; Christine Gauvreau, prominent U.S. east coast anti-war movement leader; LUS leader Ismael Contreras; Khaled Mouammar, President of the Canadian Arab Federation; plus socialist activists from Quebec, Atlantic Canada, Ontario Labour unions, the feminist movement, the NDP, Palestine anti-apartheid solidarity, environmental struggles and many other areas.

And oh what a range of topics for discussion!

Was Che Guevara a Trotskyist? – beats me, I thought he was a murdering bastard who even Castro couldn’t get rid of soon enough.

Wow! There will also be a special lunch time encounter with Celia Hart and Esteban Volkov. – It’s like Batista’s Havana all over again! Where’s Fredo?

Good luck guys but I think I will pass.

Update: From Secret Agent XJ7

Socialist Action is a dedicated “entryist” groupuscule, which explains the NDP reference (by this I mean they follow the Cliffite tradition of burrowing within the British Labour Party). Socialist Action is quite active in the NDP (they’re the “Cuba Tours” crowd) and they function mainly within the NDP’s “Socialist Caucus.”

They’re so effective that their candidate back in 2000 (?) got more than 100 of the 750-ish votes in the NDP convention leadership race, where Macdonagh was eventually elected. Since the NDP went one-member, one-vote, they haven’t come close to that kind of internal success with the rank and file. But they’re very, very active as party cadre, making up a significant element of the NDP activist base in Toronto, especially.

See this picture? That’s the leader of Socialist Action, Barry Weisleder, who is also co-chair of the NDP Socialist Caucus. To his right are Tony Crawford, NDP Oakville candidate, Cheri DiNovo, NDP MPP, and to his left is Pete Cassidy, Hamilton East NDP executive. The NDP Socialist Caucus has its own website: http://www.ndpsocialists.ca/

As you might imagine, they’re dedicated Israel-haters.