Mounties investigating allegations of Corruption at Canadian Human Rights Commission

Update: In a spirit of public minded concern for the public good Blazingcatfur has been supplied the e-mail of the officer investigating the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Concerned citizens are invited to e-mail the Officer, Stephane Turgeon, with helpful information:

High-profile investigation

“A” Division’s federal law enforcement role has expanded significantlyover time. Today, the division carries out criminal investigations offederal offences such as drug importation and trafficking, smuggling,government fraud, white-collar crime, high-tech crime, money laundering,war crimes, immigration and passport, fraud, organized crime, andnational security threats.


Anyone who has information concerning a person(s) who may be involved in the commission of an offence in relation to the above is invited toreport their concerns to the nearest office of the Royal CanadianMounted Police or contact:

RCMP Federal Investigation Unit
N.C.O. in Charge
A Division – Federal Investigation Unit
155 McArthur Avenue,
Room 523
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada K1A 0R4

Telephone: (613) 993-6884
Fax: (613) 998-2906


The RCMP are investigating the Canadian Human Rights Commission regarding recent allegations of corruption at the publicly vilified rogue agency. CHRC Staff, some of whom are admitted members of the Neo-Nazi Hate Site Storm Front, are alleged to have hacked into a private citizens internet account in order to access the site.

Further revelations have shown that CHRC staff have used membership at hate sites in entrapment efforts of dubious legality. The hacking incident under investigation by the RCMP, it has been alleged, is related to an effort to tamper with evidence presented at a tribunal hearing by members of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

These are just the most recent in a flurry of corruption allegations that have been levelled at the Canadian Human Rights Commission of late, among them collusion, and allegations of CHRC staff members providing misleading testimony under oath. The public has become increasingly alarmed at the growing body of evidence that the CHRC has been manipulated by outside organizations to further agendas that oppose the public good.

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