For those who missed it -Weekend Update: Canadian Human Rights Tribunal releases 2 sham rulings late Friday in desperate damage control effort

Update: BC Civil Liberties Association applies for 3rd party intervener status in section 13 (1) court challenge.

In a sure sign of desperation The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal released two rulings late Friday before the long weekend in a pathetic attempt at damage control by hoping to limit public scrutiny.

Both rulings illustrate the contempt these out of control bureaucrats have for the public and further display the anti-democratic nature of the Canadian Human Rights Commission & the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Release No. 1 : Athanasios D. Hadjis Denies Intervener Status to Canadian Constitution Foundation in Lemire Case – says he is not interested in allowing further dissenting opinion.

Release No. 2 : Hadjis refuses disclosure requests in what may only be described as an unseemly effort to limit further damaging revelations of CHRC & CHRT wrongdoing, and limit exposure of the current allegations of corruption at the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal.

In possibly related news – The Canadian Human Rights Commission spys on blogger on long weekend after Tribunal decision revelations;)