Breaking: CTV National Bureau contacts Lemire regarding Corruption Investigation of Canadian Human Rights Commmission by RCMP

Update 1: Lemire is unable to make the interview, Ezra may take his place -Yay!

Update 2: The BC Civil Liberties Association just applied for interested party status in Lemire Case. Interesting given that Hadjis the Tribunal Kommissar just denied the Canadian Constitution Foundation interested party status. Hadjis issued the CCF refusal last Friday hoping to minimize damage to the CHRC & CHRT – how’s that workin for ya Hadjis?

More as this develops folks, stay tuned. Nice to see the MSM take notice. This relates to the allegations of the hacking of a private citizens internet account by Canadian Human Rights Commission staff.

Steyn has more on the hackers.

Ezra has the rest.