McGuinty Government Gives Jew Baiting Canadian Arab Federation 20G’s to fight “Hate Crime”…That’s a lot of Flyers

McGuinty gives 20G’s to fight “Hate Crime” to the Canadian Arab Federation.Yes that’s the same Canadian Arab Federation headed up by Khaled Mouammar.

Khaled is the Jew-Baiter who was involved in the distribution of flyers in a targetted anti-semitic attack on Liberal MP Bob Rae’s wife, Arlene Perly Rae, a then Vice President of the Canadian Jewish Congress, during the last Liberal Convention.

20G’s will buy Khaled a lot of flyers.

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How about Bob Rae siding with Khaled, yup the Jew-Baiter, against the Israeli Ambassador 2 weeks ago. Bet Bob’s sleepin on the couch.