The Human Rights Hucksters – Reality Television you won’t want to miss…

Deborah Gyapong dishes the dirt…..

Liberal MP Keith Martin responded to the Justice Department brief that defendsthe anti-free speech subsection 13 (1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

“Were you shocked to find out that the Justice Department’s own filings said truth and fair comment are no defence?”

“Well, there were a lot of things in the Justice Department’s missive which I find absolutely shocking,” said Martin. ” Not only that but about blithely talking about restrictions on freedom of expression. That has absolutely nothing to do with hate crimes, and nothing to do with hate speech whatsoever. So the Justice Department’s missive really was a trampling of basic human rights, human rights that are enshrined in our Charter and I was very disturbed by their intervention. So I’m hoping that our Justice Committee actually reviews the Commission and hopefully they’ll be able to — that we’ll be able to bring in members from the Justice Department to be able to account for their statements.”

They have expressed a great deal of support for my motion to remove Section 13-1 from the Act. And Ithink that’s a fair thing to do would be to have this out and open. Have a public hearing through the Justice Committee and televise it so that Canadians coast to coast can hear those who believe that the status quo is acceptable and those of us who believe that the Human Rights Act has to be amended to ensure that we have freedom of speech because in my view freedom of speech is being trampled in Canada right now.

I hope David Ickes gets a part;)

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