Canadian Constitution Foundation Denied Intervener Status at Lemire Hearing

Athanasios D. Hadjis slams the door on the Canadian Constitution Foundations bid for intervener status at the Lemire hearing – says he doesn’t need to hear more views condemning Section 13(1).

The CHRT/CHRC weasel brigade released this information Tomorrow! Amazing! Release Date 5/17/2008!

Read the decision here.

In my opinion this decision is simply an attempt to deny the public a voice via credible 3rd party intervention by public interest groups such as the CCF. It is the CHRC and the CHRT colluding to cover their lying corruption riddled asses.

This will work in our favour. The CHRT & CHRC have revealed themselves as contemptible cowards who now openly fear us- the Public.

Update: Hadjis Denies Disclosure Requests, Section 37 privilege still in effect

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