The hubris of the lawyers: the Attorney General of Canada on Marc Lemire

Trupeers of Covenant Zone weighs in on the shoddy legal brief spewed forth by Rob Nicholson’s Justice Department. The memorandum attempts to defend the government’s right to gut the free speech provisions enshrined in our Charter of Rights & Freedoms. The brief is an example of blatant & corrupt bias, made all the more repugnant by the reliance it places on dubious scholarship to support its anti-democratic position. It leads one to the appalling realization that the Civil Servants in our Justice Department hold Canadians in open contempt.

Please read what Trupeers has to say on the matter:

The hubris of the lawyers: the Attorney General of Canada on Marc Lemire

I, a descendant on my mother’s side, of a family largely destroyed by the murderous resentment of the Nazis, have never felt sufficiently threatened here in Canada to take a moment’s notice of the writings put forth by the likes of Lemire, whatever those are exactly. I know a Jewish man who makes it his business to keep tabs on the “neo-Nazis” on the internet, to file reports for Jewish organizations that work with law enforcement agencies. I have heard him say that the racist filth out there seems limitless at times. It gets him depressed.

The people who scare me are not those hacking away on basement computers, those who would be quickly eliminated, if they were not already completely marginal, from any significant position of institutional authority or social status in this country if they were publicly to open their mouths and express Nazi-like views on Jews and race.

No, those who scare me are those who (not entirely unlike the Nazis) are in positions of authority and responsibility and think that this gives them a vantage point on what kinds of speech should and should not be acceptable. It’s not that I care deeply if some truly marginal and deeply resentful fool gets caught in the sights of some kind of hate police and penalized. It’s that in creating such a precedent for thought policing, both cop and citizen naturally ask, well, who’s next? How much latitude do officials have in drawing the line between what can and cannot be policed? What can those self-righteous agents hired to protect our “human rights” hope to build in the way of a self-perpetuating bureaucratic empire? In other words, whoever Mr. Lemire may or may not be, it is irrelevant to my concerns here.

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