The Family Secret…

The Family Secret by S.O. Muffin

An enduring theme of 19th Century works of literature is “The Family With A Secret”. All seems fine in Chapter 1 with Mr and Mrs Average and their lovely children and extended family. Yet, the more the author probes, the more consecutive layers of memory are stripped onion-skin-like, the more we come to realise that things aren’t what they seem and that, at the root of it all, hides a secret. Now, there are many works of literature probing secrets, but the mystery at the heart of this particular type of book is very special: all the actors, no matter how in conflict with each other, no matter how heavy the burden of past history, conspire to hide the secret and cover it up.

I encourage all to read the rest.

H/T The Ziocon Gatekeeper of the Bolivarian Republic of Canada.