Margaret Wente goes Human Rights Fishing… and catches a carp er I mean Barb Hall

Margaret Wente – Globe & Mail – What’s that fishy smell? An Empire?

The undercover operation was known as Project Fisher. In it, several policemen disguised themselves as Asian fishermen and stood under a bridge in the middle of the night. The place had already been the scene of several altercations between outsiders and the locals. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before a carload of local yahoos passed by and shouted racial slurs at them. The sting operation lasted for a month.

Steyn has more: The fish rots from the head commissar down

And so it goes. The more you expand the “hate” bureaucracy, the more everything will be framed within the parameters of “hate”. It would have seemed incredible a mere generation ago that you could pass off what’s essentially a poaching issue that should be the province of fish-and-game enforcement as the human right to “fish without fear”. But, if a largely unhateful society refuses to commit enough real hate crimes to keep Commissar Hall in the style to which she’s accustomed, don’t be surprised that every human activity gets redefined to fit her needs.

The Fish’n with Barb Report is here– thanks Sanwin!